Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email us at admin@tempertemper.com.au if you can't find the information you're looking for.

How much does postage cost? 

All postage costs are calculated on the total weight of the chocolate you order. We use Australia Post to deliver your chocolate safely to you, so we go by their costs. You have an option at the checkout to select standard or express delivery, and you will see if your order amounts to a 1kg, 3kg or 5kg satchel.

Generally postage throughout Australia for 1kg is $10.90 standard or $13.80 express, 3kg is $13.80 standard or $15.60 express.


Can I order chocolate if I live outside of Australia? 

We mostly deliver Temper Temper chocolate around Australia but we have had many overseas orders as well! Australian Post rates are pricier outside of the country, such as $69 to Asia, $73 to Europe, $70 to Mexico/US/Canada, and $50 to New Zealand. 


Will my chocolate order melt in transit? 

We rarely have problems with our chocolate melting in transit but we like to check the weather forecast to determine the best day to post your order if the weather has been particularly hot. If you are concerned, send us an email before you purchase online and we can make sure the parcel is left in a safe place or left with your nearest Australia Post office until your signature is received. 


What's sugar-free chocolate sweetened with?

Our "Sugar-Free chocolate" is sweetened with maltitol, which is a sugar alcohol. It allows you to get a sweetness that is close to the taste of sugar, but with a little over half the calories. Please note that it does not contain alcohol, and it is gluten-free.

The sugar-free range is suited to people who love their sweet milk, dark and white chocolates, but if you enjoy extra dark chocolate and you want something that is naturally sugar-free, the Dark Horse 99% is another great option. Dark Horse is purely made from cacao and natural vanilla.


Why is the Dark Horse 99% good for you?

Temper Temper's Dark Horse range has boomed in popularity due to it offering a high cacao content with little bitterness, just a beautifully strong flavour. It is composed of a little more than 99% cacao and the rest is natural vanilla. No added sugar, no gluten, no dairy. Cacao itself is a superfood and is a source of antioxidants, iron and magnesium among other health benefits. As well, the Dark Horse is strong and satisfying in small amounts so eating a little here and there will quickly fulfil your chocolate cravings and you won't feel such a need to consume other sweeter treats. Many people experience a little kick of adrenalin from eating strong amounts of cacao, similar to the hit of energy you feel when drinking coffee, so the Dark Horse can also be used to inspire fitness and activity.


Is your chocolate gluten-free?

All our chocolate itself is gluten-free, just watch which flavours you are choosing and consider the different ingredients we have added to make them. Most important ingredients are often listed in the description, but if you are unsure about anything send us an email at admin@tempertemper.com.au, we'll be happy to help! Browse our confirmed Gluten Free range here.


Which chocolate is best for people that can't have dairy?

Dark chocolate! None of our dark chocolates contain dairy. These include our premium house dark, Dark Horse, sugar-free dark, or any single origin darks. Though please be mindful of the ingredients we might add to create certain flavours - such as salted caramel, which contains cream. If you are unsure about anything send us an email at admin@tempertemper.com.au and we'll get back to you! Browse our dairy free (or Vegan) range here.


Do you have Vegan chocolate options?

Yes, we have a whole range for vegans with no dairy, no honey, no animal input of any kind. You can browse all vegan options here